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Teams Matter More than Individuals!”

Sugar Foods is a multinational food products company servicing all segments of the marketplace – foodservice, cash and carry, retail, specialty and international markets. Our products cover a broad range of consumer known brands to mainstream commodity items. We are proud of the fact that over 1,500 times a second someone in the US consumes a products that we make.

And still few people know who we are – consumers know our products, and our customers know our award winning efforts at quality, service, and product innovation; tested and proven for over 70 years.

At Sugar Foods “The Customer is King” and our team is our family. Being part of the Sugar Foods family means being safe-conscious, quality-focused, driven, flexible, and family-oriented.

Most importantly succeeding at Sugar Foods means being flexible and willing to learn. We embrace the concepts of lean manufacturing, but require the ability to constantly adapt to changing customer needs and market demand.

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